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We are an uncommon group of co-workers, having fun as a family and committing to providing the best customer experience.

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Tim Birlson View Bio

Tim Birlson

Senior Production Technician

Our production department is a true beast, and our production manager, Tim, is definitely it's master. Tim has been with Best Sign Group since 2007. He handles all of our production tasks including the lost art of hand-lettered signage. His eye for detail is not only evident in the work, but also in our production area. He likes his domain neat and orderly, and you will find his work the same. An artist by nature, he also produces detailed, beautiful acrylic paintings in his spare time, and can rock a guitar when the mood strikes him.

Shawn Griffin View Bio

Shawn Griffin

VP of Operations | Creative Media Designer

Shawn came to us in 2014 when we were in need of a people-builder and someone skilled in programs like Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. He wasted no time in helping build our company culture, and he mentored and poured his time into many of our associates. Shawn also brought to the table other skill sets, including organization & process management, which facilitate interior wayfinding projects for some of our major hospital & education clients.

Abby Plemmons View Bio

Abby Plemmons

Senior Designer of Special Projects

Having started at BSG in 2005 on the front end, Abby is now responsible for educating clients and crafting a customer experience that guarantees beautiful results. She works with the production team and our manufacturers to ensure that projects are built precisely to spec and that client needs are being met. When she's not managing a million projects at BSG, she's excelling at being a wife and mother. She loves being with her family, and in her spare time, enjoys watching the seasons of "Friends." Could she BE anymore awesome?

Laura Tucker View Bio

Laura Tucker


Few entrepreneurs have had the ongoing success as ours, and we can't be more proud. Laura began Best Sign Group in 1994 as a banner and fast sign shop. It has since grown by leaps and bounds, delivering the best signage and customer service in Northwest Arkansas and beyond. Her passion for customer service is second to none and she instills this value daily in our company family. She seeks personal growth and surrounds herself with individuals in whom she can invest and who invest her. She never stops learning and likely never will. She is gifted with a spirit of helpfulness. This translates itself into all areas of her life. Laura is truly one-of-a-kind.

Daryl Warren View Bio

Daryl Warren

Production Technician

Fabrication is the lifeblood of any production environment and Daryl is master. She has been here since 2002 as an integral part of our finished product. Daryl's knowledge of our CNC machine is incomparable, and her green thumb in our company garden inspires envy. Aside from the owners, she has the most seniority of all our staff.

Coming Soon View Bio

Dream, Create, Build

This could be you. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Best Sign Group team, download an application here.

Matt Ingle View Bio

Matt Ingle

Installation/Service Technician

We often use the term wearing many hats and Matt personifies this statement. He started with BSG in 2013. He had experience in production, but willingly jumped in as a graphic designer and helped in production as needed. He has since transferred to our service department handling sign installation and maintenance.

Kale Schuenemann View Bio

Kale Schuenemann

National Accounts and Service Coordinator

Kale began his sign career working in production and helping on installs in 2013. Truthfully, though, his career really began when he was crawling around under Laura's desk. You might say he has been "raised" on signs. After beginning in production, he quickly learned the ins and outs, and became an invaluable part of our installation team. He has since graduated to our service department assisting with national accounts and logistics. His even temperament and superior administrative skills make him a success in multi-tasking and time management. Also, he's BSG's resident car expert and much of his spare time is spent enjoying the outdoors.

Maddie Tucker View Bio

Maddie Tucker

Sign Designer

Maddie has been coming to Best Sign Group for 18 years and has grown up playing around the office since she could crawl. Now, she has started working as a production assistant, sign designer, and a CSR. Maddie is perhaps the biggest animal lover you’ll ever meet. If you ever see her out and about she most likely has her beloved dog, Bonnie, with her. Maddie is attending NWACC’s graphic design program, incorporating that knowledge here at BSG.

Joey Weatherly View Bio

Joey Weatherly

Installation/Service Technician

Originally from Crosset, AR, Joey comes to Best Sign Group with over a decade of experience as an electrician for paper mills. This is helpful in his role since he services and installs our signs. His analytical skills stem from his education in Computer Information Systems, in which he earned a Bachelor's degree at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. When he's not at Best Sign Group, he's either spending time with his family or honing his skills as a bass fisherman.

Deanna Kennedy View Bio

Deanna Kennedy

Front End Coordinator | Graphic Designer | Promotional Products Specialist

We have a passion for community and our customer so the first person you meet when you walk through our doors has to personify our core values. Deanna came to BSG in 2014 and has been instrumental in treating our customers with respect and passion. She handles a large majority of our fast signs and has done a great job. Also, Deanna is a resident Promotional Products guru. She helps our customers find the best fit for applying their brand to a wide variety of promotional products.

Shirley Karr View Bio

Shirley Karr

Human Resources and Accounting

There are many parts and pieces to a company, but many would argue that none are more vital than accounting. Everyone loves a paycheck. Shirley has been with BSG since 2004. She handles every aspect of billing and finance, as well as HR. She offers financial counseling to our employees, and for anything else, she keeps an open door, an attentive ear, and a seemingly boundless supply of chocolate.

R.J. Stimel View Bio

R.J. Stimel

Graphic Designer

With nearly 13 years of experience in the sign industry, R.J. brings to the table a combination of design savvy and fabrication knowledge. His keen eye for design makes it simple for him to put together visually striking signage, and he continues to invest himself in learning how to better hone his craft. When asked what makes him so passionate about sign design, he answered, "They're monuments to the customer and the designer. They last a long time and you can point them out and say, 'I designed that one.'" The customer gets noticed and the design itself is personally fulfilling. A husband, a father, a friend, a connoisseur of food and science fiction. He is a perfect addition to the Best Sign Group team.

Russ Tucker View Bio

Russ Tucker


Russ has been servicing and installing signs since 1986. He joined BSG in 1999, and brought with him years of sign service and installation skills. In Northwest Arkansas, he is among the best and is a critical part of BSG's success. Legend has it, Russ can look at or listen to a sign and tell you what's causing a malfunction. As he mentors the other service team members, he's passing on his many years of experience to train up the next generation of sign experts. Aside from his practical role at BSG, he’s also the company prankster and always has a corny joke to tell.

Josh Williams View Bio

Josh Williams

Sign Designer

Bringing a wide array of skillsets, including illustration, Josh joined our BSG team to work in our custom sign group. He has background in apparel, signs, car wraps, and really bad movie quotes. His design portfolio includes visual, brand, print, and typography and works in both digital and traditional media which helps round out our design team. Josh's style is lively, colorful, with a strong focus on aesthetics. In his spare time, he enjoys fitness and making people laugh.

Best Sign Group offers the best service, price and product anyone could ask for. They are so generous with their time but still make the process efficient for busy people. Deanna and Susie take the time to listen and understand what we need, answer questions, provide helpful, relevant information (based on their clearly high level of expertise), and get everything just right. The products represent us well above what I'd hoped, and the prices are significantly more affordable than I'd expected. And, let's talk selection...You wouldn't believe all the amazing options!

-- Daylight Donuts

That looks much better! And I must say, please pass this along to whoever in your company needs to see it. You guys were such a pleasure to work with! We wish there was an installer in every state like your company. We appreciate your prompt response about the blade sign location, and your great communication.

-- Sarah Woodman, National Sales Project Coordinator | Victory Sign Industries, Ltd

Best Sign Group

We've been dazzling customers and turning heads since 1994, and along the way, we've made amazing signs. When you partner with Best Sign Group, you're teaming up with some of the most talented people in the business. We care about the quality of our work, but more importantly, we care about your success - and the opportunities behind every project. It's this commitment to the customer experience that allows us to do what we love - and we've been doing it well for a while now. We're Best Sign Group - and it doesn't get any better.