About Josh Wise

Josh Wise is a graphic designer for Best Sign Group. He also has experience in inbound marketing and social media marketing.

Is Your Logo Easier to Find than Waldo?

Imagine for a moment that the scene above is full of logos rather than people. Now imagine that those logos are all vaguely similar and that they represent the logos of your competitors. Whether you have an existing logo or are about to create one, it's important that your logo avoids becoming the Waldo of [...]

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Infographics: Important and Fascinating Just Got Married

Important information or data can be dry and boring if presented incorrectly. Infographics, which aim to show information in a small, visual package, can marry up important and fascinating. Maybe you've never considered using them before, but here are 3 reasons why good, relevant infographics matter: Reason #1: People like pictures. Market Domination Media posted [...]

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