Circular Magnetic Sign

So you decided to get magnetic decals or signs to put on your car. Good choice. You can install and uninstall them yourself. They make a great way to get your business noticed while you’re driving around, and when designed well, they can separate you from your competition. Also, they’re economical solutions.

Life is good. You’ve chosen a great product that works for your needs and within your budget.

But then disaster strikes: you go to put on your brand new magnetic sheet that you had thrown into your back seat and now it’s wrinkled and warped. You try to flatten it, but it creases and the wrinkles show through the material. You spent the time and the money, but don’t have a usable product.

Rewind. With some best practices, you could have avoided the disaster, and other disasters, as well.


Store your magnetic signs flat or rolled. If you lay them on something uneven, they can begin to take that form and become less flexible to work with. Storing your signs on a refrigerator or metal file cabinet when not in use is a great way to keep them flat.

Prep the Surface

We see a lot of folks using magnetic signs for their cars. It’s important to ensure the surface of the doors (usually passenger and driver) are clean and free of debris before applying them. If you’ve recently applied a wax coating, give it a couple of days to cure before applying your magnetic signs.

Remove, Clean, Repeat

Regularly remove the magnetic signs from your car and clean behind them. A simple calendar reminder can prompt you to do this periodically. If the signs are left untouched, dirt and debris from daily travel can accumulate between the edge of the magnetic sign and your car door. Some folks recommend removing daily and cleaning the surface, but we think every two weeks tends to be sufficient. Remember, when you’re not using the magnetic signs, store them flat or rolled.

Apply It

When applying to your card door, remember that magnetic signs hold up best on flat surfaces or surfaces where any contours are gentle.

Also, if you’re a stickler for having it straight and centered, remember to remove the magnetic sign when adjusting its positioning. If you leave it stuck to the door and try to adjust the positioning while it’s adhered, you run the risk of stretching the magnetic material itself.

Honoring these best practices will help ensure you get the best bang for your buck with magnetic signs.