On the one hand, you have a fantastic guy who is skilled in the art of conversation, has a wonderful sense of humor, and whose company is a genuine pleasure. On the other hand, you have an intelligent, calculating individual who possesses a mind for analytical thinking. It’s rare to find this combination in a human being, one who assesses and can resolve technical problems while being able to convey these ideas in simple, understandable language.

The person I’m describing is Joey Weatherly.

He joined Best Sign Group in July of 2016.¬†What Joey brought to Best Sign Group was a degree in Computer Science and incredible background in serving paper mills as an electrician. This skillset is useful as we assess the internal workings of lighted signage and other electrical components. Because of Joey’s experience and his analytical abilities, he is able to save the customer and BSG precious time in both troubleshooting and resolving electrical problems in signage. He is excellent at what he knows and what he does. His ability to learn about installing signage is made possible by his willingness to listen and learn.

So he’s great at very technical issues. Yes. And that would be great if that were it alone. But it’s not. He’s also among the best in customer service. Since he joined us, it has become clear that Joey is highly skilled at communicating with customers. Because he’s not arrogant, he might not point out to you that he is skilled in that area. However, the calls we receive requesting Joey’s presence on a project are evidence enough – along with the verbal testimonials from customers – that he delivers the crucial component BSG needs when he is in the field. Customer services goes miles in terms of how we install signage, solve problems, and meet needs. Joey excels in that area.

All hands on deck? Joey’s willingness to go above and beyond is yet another marked characteristic of his service at BSG. He does whatever is asked without question, and is ever ready to help, whether it be at the office or in the field, coming in early or staying late, extra projects, or even working on a Saturday or Sunday if the need arises.

This dad, this friend, this fisherman is awesome because he has made himself indispensable to Best Sign Group. He is easy-going, has a great sense of humor, and is among the best conversationalists this author has ever had the pleasure of knowing. He doesn’t boast about his experience and his knowledge. He is humble, has the heart of a servant, and is fiercely loyal. You couldn’t ask for better qualities in an employee, or, even better, in a human being.

You deserve the spotlight today Joey. We’re glad to have you as part of the BSG family, and we’re looking forward to the many ways you will grow, contribute, and teach us in the coming years.