Important information or data can be dry and boring if presented incorrectly. Infographics, which aim to show information in a small, visual package, can marry up important and fascinating.

Maybe you’ve never considered using them before, but here are 3 reasons why good, relevant infographics matter:

Reason #1: People like pictures.

Market Domination Media posted an infographic here that claims “visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text” and that an infographic is “30 times more likely to be read than a text article.” The saying “seeing is believing” isn’t a silly anecdote; it’s a fundamental truth about the ability of visual demonstration to convince and persuade. You’ve got a lot of important information, but it doesn’t have to be dry. A well-crafted infographic can boost dry (but important) information and make it suddenly fascinating.


Reason #2: Not IF content, but WHAT content.

If you’re running a business and you operate even one social media account and a website, you are creating content. It’s not IF you’re creating content, it’s what you’re creating. For instance, if you’re a Realtor, are you merely posting text on Facebook and Twitter with raw numbers about inventory, pending sales, closed sales, etc.?

What if you visually showed trends over quarters with illustrations that are clever and consistent with your brand?

Consider creating an infographic on a monthly or quarterly basis for your website. Couple it with a blog that briefly details current market trends and highlights. Then use your social media channels to point to that interesting content. Internet users have set their sights on social media as a resource of information. Be ready to meet them there.


Reason #3: Google thinks they matter.

By Google, I mean the internet users using Google as a search tool. In Market Domination Media’s infographic, the data shows there has been a trend upward in the search volume for “infographic” and “infographics.” Truthfully, direct searches for infographics on Google won’t necessarily broaden the audience that sees the infographics you create. The point is that users want to see infographics. If you know that and you want to broaden your reach, increase your following, and generate more leads, start creating and publishing infographics that demonstrate your important information and data with strong, memorable visuals.

Convinced you need infographics, but don’t know how to create them? Let us help you. We have the experience necessary to create them, and tailor them to your industry and your brand.