Perforated Vinyl

Of all the types of vinyl we offer, perforated vinyl is among the more unique.

Most folks would balk at the thought of paying money for a material with holes punched through it (except a stylish pair of jeans perhaps). Perforated vinyl is, in fact, a material with holes methodically punched through it to offer a “screened” surface for printing. It is available in a variety of percentages of printable area and visibility. What we stock is usually 50/50, unless a customer has a request for something more specific, such as 60/40 or even 70/30. This ratio indicates the percentage of printable to perforated surface area.

By now you might be asking: so what would I do with a material that has holes in it?

Perforated Vinyl on Vehicles

Often, for rear windows of vehicles, customers request vinyl. Traditional vinyl has the problem of being seen on the outside, but blocking visibility from within, as well. Since obstructed visibility on the windows of a vehicle is against the law, perforated vinyl comes to the rescue. The screened material is visible from the outside as if fully covered, but from within the vehicle, you can still see out, unobstructed. This is an attractive option for applying your brand on a part of your vehicle that doesn’t have a paint job and offers the added benefit of privacy.

A note: during nighttime hours, if there is a light on in the vehicle, those on the outside can see through the perforated vinyl. As Shawn, one of our senior designers, says, “When it comes to perforated vinyl, the light always wins.”

Comparison Between Inside and Outside Perf Vinyl Views

Perforated Vinyl on Storefronts

Similar to the uses for vehicle windows, when applied to storefront windows, perforated vinyl provides visibility from within while displaying printed graphics on the exterior. Further, it provides a degree of tinting that can subtly dim the daylight infiltrating your business space. Businesses who want to advertise some of their services or products often choose perforated vinyl for covering their storefront windows.

A note: during nighttime hours, if you have lights on in your store or business space, those on the outside can see through the perforated vinyl.

Perforated Vinyl on Channel Letters

Standard channel letter faces are acrylic and can be covered with perforated vinyl (often black). This scenario makes use of the fact that strong illumination can be seen through perforated vinyl, much like seeing into a vehicle or store during nighttime hours if lights are on.

Perforated vinyl is a strong choice for displaying graphics and your brand, and has some definite benefits that overcome the weaknesses of opaque vinyl coverings.

If you think this is the right solution for you, contact us so we can help you get noticed!