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Staff Spotlight: Laura Tucker

Imagine a leader with a vision when she was very young to build a sign company. Could she have predicted its growth, its eventual success? She would say, "No." But through the years (24 years to be precise), the company grew, re-branded, and relocated. Now you can find that sign company looking out at 2862 [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Kale Schuenemann

Our National Accounts Rep and Service Manager, Kale Schuenemann is a man of many talents. You could say Kale grew up under the roof of Best Sign Group - and you'd mostly be right. He did occupy the office of his mom (and owner) Laura Tucker while crawling, and spent time at the [...]

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More Than What We Seem To Be

It's not uncommon that customers are surprised at what we offer for signage solutions. We've heard: "Oh, you make custom printed canvases?" or "Wow, look at the acrylic piece - we didn't know you did that." We're a sign company and that basic truth comes with all kinds of interpretations. Yard signs: yes. Road signs: [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Abby Plemmons

Why purple for the photo you ask? Because it's Abby's favorite color. When you're looking for employees to fill certain roles, you can understand their qualifications and match them up to the role you need filled. But sometimes it's difficult to predict exactly what the individual can become within your organization, though you [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Shirley Karr

When you sit down to write about someone you work with, you wonder: where do I begin, and what about this person is noteworthy such that the reader will begin to comprehend the pure awesomeness of this individual? When it comes to Shirley Karr, the best way to introduce her awesomeness is to tell you [...]

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Perforated Vinyl: From the Inside Out

Of all the types of vinyl we offer, perforated vinyl is among the more unique. Most folks would balk at the thought of paying money for a material with holes punched through it (except a stylish pair of jeans perhaps). Perforated vinyl is, in fact, a material with holes methodically punched through it to offer [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Shawn Griffin

Musician. Creative. Story teller. Chef. Teacher. Culture champion. The list could go on. Shawn Griffin is a rare find. He has a lot of experience in numerous areas, he learns quickly, and he's a fun person to be around. When Laura hired him, she didn't know exactly what he'd be doing, but it became clear [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Daryl Warren

Daryl Warren is our company's longest running employee. Her arrival at Best Sign Group (then Best Banner and Sign) started as a temporary gig. She came seeking employment when there were no positions available, but one of our production assistants had been out and we needed the help. Laura asked her a few questions and [...]

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These Tools Could Help Streamline Your Office

Best Sign Group uses different tools, some free, to increase efficiency and save time which enables it to better serve its customers. Small and medium-sized businesses often experience a lot of wasted time managing processes that could be automated. Sometimes, the time waste is a result of miscommunication or project stakeholders not understanding their responsibilities. [...]

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